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About Jssor

JSSOR is a non- profit, non-political and non-governmental organization works in Thi-Qar province in south of Iraq. The organization was firstly started its voluntary work in 2005 by a group of youth who believe in the importance of the civic society organizations and their crucial role in developing the Iraqi society as well as fostering the democratic process that takes place in the country now. The organization was established formally in 2007 and got its registration certificate in 2009. Despite the delay in getting the certificate of registration from the Iraqi NGOs directorate due to the current critical situation in Iraq, the organization has conducted many voluntary activities in the southern society to educate people on subjects like human rights, democracy, law, development, elections and health. The organization is doing such activities in collaboration with other non-profit organizations in Thi-Qar province and funds these activities through fund raising and donations of its members and some wealthy people in the region. The organization aims to build a contemporary Iraqi society that believes in the democracy, human rights, gender equality and rejection of all kinds of violence and sectarianism. The organization also aims to develop this society and enable it to participate effectively in the building process which takes place in the country now. To achieve this goal, the organization focus on the youth as it believes that they are the golden key in this process. It is currently working alongside other local and international organizations and agencies to empower the civic society through education and development. It is also working to build the capacity of the Iraqi southern society and particularly the youth to create a strong society able to demand its rights, do its responsibilities and participate effectively in building Iraq. The organization has two offices, the main office is in Iraq in Thi-Qar province and a representative office in Australia, in Melbourne city.The two offices are run by professional volunteers who have a very good experience in civic society and organizational work.